Anything But Politics #7: Memories
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    Spring quarter is almost over, and Gabe Schmittlein and Rahul Parikh look back on some of their favorite memories from this year in this week’s Anything but Politics. Transcript below.

    Gabe Schmittlein: Hello, I'm Gabe Schmittlein.

    Rahul Parikh: And I'm Rahul Parikh.

    Gabe: And for NBN Audio.

    Rahul: This is Anything but Politics.

    Gabe: Where we talk about anything, but politics.

    Gabe and Rahul: Let's get political, political, not.

    Gabe: Alright, so this week since it's going to be our last episode of the year.

    Rahul: Of the quarter.

    Gabe: Of the quarter, well also the year. I know there's not a single dry eye in our listener's audience right now. It's extremely sad.

    Rahul: We're crying ourselves.

    Gabe: We're in tears in the studio. We thought what we'd do is take a little trip down memory lane and go through all our favorite memories throughout the year.

    Rahul: So, my first favorite memory is September 8, which was Gabe's birthday which we celebrated together. We were already best friends by then.

    Gabe: No, we weren't.

    Rahul: We actually didn't even know each other.

    Gabe: Yeah, we didn’t know each other. So, we're talking back before Gabe and Rahul knew each other. September 8 was my birthday. I was on PWild.

    Rahul: I was already planning to make him my best man, on Catalyst. Before I knew him.

    Gabe: I was not planning on making you my best man, so little imbalance there.

    Rahul: Alright well ... I might have to reevaluate.

    Gabe: That's a little awkward, but then Welcome Week came and we actually met, or at least I met you for the first time. Somehow you knew me beforehand.

    Rahul: It was the second day of Welcome Week, because our PA group met. And speaking of our PA group, we did a lot of things with them that first week.

    Gabe: We did indeed.

    Rahul: We went to Chicago.

    Gabe: We went to the football game together.

    Rahul: We did.

    Gabe: I was a real hit at the football game, I was yelling a bunch of different stuff. My favorite thing that I yelled out during the game was "Duke thinks the moon landing actually happened."

    Rahul: Yeah that was a good one. Also, our PA group got some screentime with Josh Mackenzie, we're actually in his cover photo and that's when that picture was taken. And we also were at the front of the group that ran during the dash.

    Gabe: So moving a little forward.

    Rahul: Because we're heavily involved in NSTV.

    Gabe: Yes heavily involved. Big time members.

    Rahul: Our first time at Taco Tuesday.

    Gabe: Contrary to popular belief, there are no tacos.

    Rahul: There are no tacos, actually there's no food at all. That was the night that I told Gabe he was my best friend here, and he told me that I was his best friend.

    Gabe: It was beautiful.

    Gabe: And later that night, this was a big milestone night for us, later that night I had Burger King for the first time.

    Rahul: You did! And that was a great thing because Gabe had never had Burger King, and just the look on his face was priceless.

    Gabe: It was the blind taste test.

    Rahul: You might actually see that video of him.

    Gabe: Well we'll get to that later.

    Rahul: Okay, yeah, in the shoutouts.

    Gabe: Moving even further ahead, we're going to skip a little bit to Halloween. Halloween, Rahul and I went to the Deuce.

    Rahul: That was our first and only time at the Deuce.

    Gabe: Call us big party-goers. I went as Amelia Earhart.

    Rahul: It was okay though, because we were 21. That's how we got in.

    Gabe: We were 21, that's how we got in. I was Amelia Earhart, who were you?

    Rahul: No, you were a boy with a ski mask on.


    Gabe: Rahul, just because you didn't understand the outfit doesn't mean you can't respect it. People loved my Amelia Earhart outfit. I met another Amelia Earhart at the Deuce that night.

    Rahul: You did, she looked a lot more like Amelia Earhart than you did. No offense, Gabe.

    I went as just a college student.

    Gabe: Yeah that's boring.

    Rahul: Because Gabe wanted to go as CatDog.

    Gabe: Yeah I did want to go as CatDog but Rahul refused.

    Rahul: Because I didn't know who it was. Next year we'll do it.

    Gabe: I think we watched an episode of CatDog after that.

    Rahul: I don't think we did. I mean yes we did, Gabe! You don't have to do it now.

    Gabe: I think I watched an episode alone, then.

    Rahul: So skipping ahead a little bit, the Cubs, they were in the playoffs. The World Series actually. Just a really spontaneous decision, a few runs into the game we decided they're going to win we need to go to Wrigleyville.

    Gabe: This was game seven.

    Rahul: Yeah, game seven. So we went to Wrigleyville, we had no cellular service, we had no clue what was going on.

    Gabe: It was a really cool experience.

    Rahul: It was one of the best.

    Gabe: People were popping champagne everywhere. It was really cool. This next thing, perhaps the biggest thing to happen all year. We're on to December now, and this is when we came up with the idea to have a podcast.

    Rahul: Well Gabe actually came up with it.

    Gabe: I did.

    Rahul: And you came up with a name and everything.

    Gabe: Yeah, Anything but Politics. It was right off the bat.

    Rahul: It stuck.

    Gabe: And that night, that night, we had...

    Rahul: I think we actually jumped ahead to January for that night. Didn't we do it when we came back?

    Gabe: Oh yeah we did. We had a little brainstorm sesh.

    Rahul: We had a little brainstorm sesh.

    Gabe: We brainstormed up some ideas.

    Rahul: We might've drank some juice.

    Gabe: We might have drank some juice before that.

    But here, I'm going to read off some of the ideas that we came up with on that first night. Some of the segments that we had. We had "Was the government responsible for..."

    Rahul: And that actually made an appearance.

    Gabe: I think that did make an appearance.

    Rahul: Several times.

    Gabe: Another one, "Metric system is confusing." That one, that's not really a segment, that's more of just a statement.

    Rahul: That one did not make an appearance.

    Gabe: But we have a couple that actually made big time appearances on old Anything but Politics, if you remember. "Whine tasting" was part of that original brainstorm sesh. "Noises that sound sexual but aren't;" that was a recurring one.

    Rahul: That was Gabe's first one.

    Gabe: And of course "Don't let them get hot."

    Rahul: Don't let them get hot.

    Gabe: Don't let them get hot.

    Rahul: Elevator music! Gabe told me I could never say that on the podcast and I just did.

    Gabe: Because it doesn't make any sense. Don't let them get hot, elevator music, I don't get it. But, hey, Rahul, don't let them get hot, Anything but Politics.

    Rahul: Don't let them get hot.

    Gabe: Don't let them get hot.

    Rahul: Oh! too late.

    Gabe: So that was our first foray.

    Rahul: Soiree?

    Gabe: Foray into the podcasting game. Foray?

    Rahul: Foray.

    Gabe: So next,

    Rahul: So then also in January, there was a few 70 degree days. One of them was on my birthday. And then another one, we ended up just touring the campus on our own.

    Gabe: Yeah, we went into Bienen for the first time.

    Rahul: We did.

    Gabe: Especially the bathrooms of Bienen, we spent a long time in the bathrooms of Bienen.

    Rahul: They actually have two doors to get into the bathroom, it's kinda funny. Also, very first world.

    Gabe: We went into the Block Museum.

    Rahul: We did. They kinda yelled at us a few times.

    Gabe: Yeah – Rahul started touching the tapestries.

    Rahul: I did.

    Gabe: And that just clearly wasn't allowed.

    Rahul: They didn't like that.

    Gabe: Doesn't even seem like it would be allowed. We took a bunch of pictures.

    Rahul: We did.

    Gabe: A bunch of artsy Lakefill pictures, #basic.

    Rahul: Basic, but it was Gabe's idea so...

    Gabe: Yeah, one of them is my background on my phone right now.

    Rahul: Awww...

    Gabe: And the other day, someone was like “Oh, that's such a cute picture. Who took that picture?” And it's like Self-Timer!!!

    Rahul: So technological.

    Gabe: Yeah, we're really steaming through the year at this point. March?

    Rahul: March 4.

    Gabe: March we had the NSTV karaoke formal.

    Rahul: Yeah we did.

    Gabe: Rahul, shout out to our four dates. Sarah, Gaby, Luodan and Audrey.

    Rahul: Yup.

    Gabe: Shoutout to our four dates, yup, yup.

    Rahul: They were actually all Gabe's dates, it was kind of awkward.

    Gabe: But yeah, that was a good time, Rahul kept requesting “All the Small Things” by blink-182.

    Rahul: I don't think I requested it that many times.

    Gabe: I literally think you were saying that the entire time you wanted that song to play.

    Rahul: I think it was “I Miss You.”

    Gabe: I really don’t, I think it was “All the Small Things.” I think you're wrong about this one.

    Rahul: I think you're making this up but alright, anyway.

    Gabe: I’m not. Dance Marathon.

    Rahul: Dance Marathon.

    Gabe: I participated, Rahul did not. But Rahul came and visited me, which is more than a lot of people can say, yeah, so Rahul came and visited me, it really brightened my day.

    Rahul: I'm glad, I actually think I brought you a banana.

    Gabe: Uh, yeah, I think I ate that banana.

    Rahul: I'm glad you ate the banana. Then, big event in our lives, Gabe starred in his first movie. It was actually my silent film for class, and he was the main protagonist, and did a wonderful job, we actually, people liked Gabe.

    Gabe: I mean hey I'm not gonna say that I won an Oscar for that, but I was certainly nominated.

    Rahul: Most recently, Dillo.

    Gabe: Dillo Day was a good day!

    Rahul: It was actually a very normal day for me.

    Gabe: Neither of us really got like too crazy,

    Rahul: Yeah, Gabe is very sore now, though.

    Gabe: Yeah, I'm really sore right now, can someone give me a little, WebMD why the back of my legs are really sore right now?

    Rahul: Yeah, you were just dancing so much during all the ones that you went to.

    Gabe: I went to DRAM and MGMT! What do you want out of me, Rahul?

    Rahul: That's the ones I went to too.

    Gabe: Yeah, I took a lot of naps, also.

    Rahul: So that was memory lane.

    Gabe: We took a little stroll.

    Rahul: We hope you're able to find your way back, because it's a one-way street.

    Gabe: Mhm, that's what they say about time.

    Rahul: They do.

    Gabe: But as we continue with this time analogy, we'll look forward to next year.

    Rahul: We will.

    Gabe: What are a few things that we're looking to see next year?

    Rahul: Well, the first thing we're gonna do after this is go on a camping trip with all of our friends.

    Gabe: Yeah, we're not sure that's actually gonna happen.

    Rahul: It's probably not gonna happen.

    Gabe: It's almost certainly not gonna happen, but maybe at some point we'll take a camping trip.

    Rahul: But just goals for next year, right? We want to take, we've been saying this for a while now, we're gonna jump on a campus tour and pretend we're prospies.

    Gabe: Yeah, because Rahul's never been on a campus tour before.

    Rahul: Well I have, I really just wanna go on one again as a student.

    Gabe: So you kinda lied to me about that.

    Rahul: I didn't lie to you, I ... nevermind.

    Gabe: Huge goal for next year is finish off all the Cheesie's sandwiches.

    Rahul: Yeah, I think we're about three in out of the eight or 10 of them?

    Gabe: Something like that. So we gotta eat a lot of Cheesie's next year. Maybe I'll star in another movie next year, that's interesting.

    Rahul: Maybe you will, yeah. I would like that.

    Gabe: If you have another film, Rahul, I'm very versatile.

    Rahul: We're actually making a short right now that's gonna be coming out in a week or two.

    Gabe: I'm not sure why I didn't get picked for that.

    Rahul: You're not in it.

    Gabe: I can tell you I'm not in it.

    Rahul: We didn't have the budget to afford you cuz you know, you're a hotshot now.

    Gabe: This one is gonna be a little bit of a project.

    Rahul: This is, we're gonna make it happen. So Gabe is on the first floor of Lincoln next year, and I'm on the seventh floor, so Gabe what're we gonna do?

    Gabe: Slide?

    Rahul: Waterslide.

    Gabe: Waterslide, it's the only natural thing that we could do.

    Rahul: And then ski lift going up.

    Gabe: That'd be so dope, it'd be really cool. So, I guess we'll do our last shoutouts of the quarter. I have a shoutout, do you want me to go first?

    Rahul: Yeah, you should go first.

    Gabe: Ok, so my shoutout, my shoutout goes to Rahul.

    Rahul: Awww...

    Gabe: Hey Rahul, thanks for doing this podcast with me, it's been a really great time, ya know? It's not always been easy, but you know, we've persevered.

    Rahul: My shoutout goes to Barb, Gabe's mom.

    Gabe: Okay, that's a weird shoutout.

    Rahul: And to Dave, Gabe's dad,

    Gabe: Weird shoutouts!

    Rahul: For Gabe!

    Gabe: Oh!

    Rahul: So it's, a little roundabout shoutout.

    Gabe: Creepy, that's creepy Rahul!

    Rahul: Maybe we'll cut that out.

    Gabe: No, I think we're gonna leave that in.

    Rahul: No, my shoutout also goes to Gabe, because this has been a wild ride and I'm glad that we were able to take it. Also shoutout to NBN for taking us on this quarter.

    Gabe: For sure.

    Rahul: It's been real, so it's gonna keep staying real next quarter.

    Gabe: It's gonna keep staying real. Hopefully we'll have, we'll have something. We don't know in what form it's gonna be yet but we'll have something for ya.

    Rahul: We will.

    Gabe: We're gonna wrap this up with a little staple from old Anything but Politics. Old Anything but Politics – before NBN, we would wrap up every episode with a song on 1.5 time. I'm crying right now, I swear, you listeners, I'm crying right now. We would wrap up every episode with a song on 1.5 times speed, so we're gonna do, this could get a little crazy, and sing along, please.

    Rahul: Sing along with us.

    Gabe: Yeah, sing along, we're gonna do “Closing Time,” 1.5x speed. And here we go, I guess.

    [“Closing Time” plays]

    [Gabe and Rahul sing along poorly]

    [Very poorly]

    Rahul: And that is a wrap! We'll see you next quarter.

    Gabe: See you next quarter, thanks for a great year!

    Rahul: Thank you!

    Gabe: Peace!

    Rahul: Bye. Peace out!


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