A&O and Mayfest funding balloons again

    The Student Activities Finance Board distributed $184,183 in extra funding to A-status groups in its finalized fall supplemental funding budget Wednesday, in what an Associated Student Government executive board member qualified as a much more efficient meeting than in the past.

    According to ASG Financial Vice President Seva Rodnyansky, groups were “fairly satisfied” by SAFB recommendations this year.

    “Last year, by second-hand account, it was rather ugly, so I think people thought that this was better,” Rodnyansky said. “What struck us was how few groups actually appealed.”

    Rodnyansky said Wednesday’s meeting was much less time-consuming than in previous years.

    “Usually these things take two days, and yesterday it took us three hours,” he said. “I think people were more educated about the process. I think it made a big difference in spring and it carried out to fall.”

    A&O and Mayfest were the main beneficiaries of the supplementary fund, receiving $83,855 and $52,950 respectively.

    Mayfest received more than $8,000 more than last year, an increase that Mayfest co-chair and Weinberg senior Diana Richter attributed to the popularity of last year’s Dillo Day.

    “It’s pretty reasonable considering the incredible successful year we had last year. I think it was in line with what we deserved,” said Richter. “We were more than happy.”

    A big portion of Mayfest’s funding is to go into trailers for artists in between concerts.

    “This will prevent Mayfest from shutting down Norris 2nd floor on the day of Dillo Day, as well as remove the need for additional motorpool to transport these artists,” said the SAFB in its recommendations.

    The SAFB also justified increased funds for Mayfest as Northwestern’s administration, who has contributed to the group through discretionary funds in the past, might not be able to donate as much money as it normally did due to the economic crisis.

    “Administrators no longer have discretionary funds because of the University’s financial situation in the current economy,” the recommendation read. “This also played into our decision to give Mayfest this increase in honorarium.”

    A&O successful programming last year also explained their extra funding increase from $73,245 last year.

    “We got an increase because for our winter speaker series which we had last year, we had four acts come and we sold out each event. When you sell out events, it merits an increase,” said A&O Chairwoman and Music senior Sydney Cohen.

    But Cohen added that money wasn’t the only thing that made A&O’s events popular.

    “Increased funding will help us to a certain extent, we will be able to effectively promote the event and bringing acts that students want,” she said. “But we can’t just throw money at something and make it spectacular, there’s a lot that goes into planning an event.”


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