A&O lowers number of Demetri Martin tickets per NetID

    Due to the overwhelming student response to comedian Demetri Martin’s upcoming performance at Northwestern, A&O Productions decided to decrease the number of tickets a student can purchase per NetID, Promotions and Public Relations Co-Chair Barry McCardel said.

    “We feel that it’s the fairest thing for everyone involved, because you’ll still be able to get on[line] and get one for a friend,” the Communication sophomore said. “If we did three, there’s the possibility that they could sell so fast that someone that maybe couldn’t get online during an hour, if they had a midterm or something, just wouldn’t be able to get tickets.”

    This is the first time that tickets for a large campus event will be sold online, marking an end to long lines at the Norris Box office. Ticket sales will begin on Monday at 10:30 a.m. on the Norris Box Office Web site. Tickets are $10 for undergraduate students and $15 for graduate students. Students will still have to retrieve their tickets at Norris this week.

    Martin will perform at 7:30 p.m on Feb. 26 at the Pick-Staiger Concert Hall. McCardel said there is high student anticipation for the event.

    “Fourteen-hundred people confirmed on Facebook that they were attending or maybe attending,” he said. “We’re definitely excited.”

    Read more about Demetri Martin’s upcoming campus appearance.


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