A&O to give more than $5,300 to NU Stands with Pakistan

    Tickets for the A&O Blowout concert, featuring Snoop Dogg and Kid Cudi, sold out Monday evening. Students, alumni and other guests bought more than 5,300 tickets for the show, which will be held in Welsh-Ryan Arena Oct. 15.

    “This is the most tickets we’ve ever sold for a Welsh-Ryan show,” said A&O spokesperson Elsa Stahura, a Communication junior.

    A&O will give more than $5,300 to NU Stands with Pakistan, as part of an agreement to donate at least $1 per ticket. The money will then go to Oxfam, a charity working to bring aid to victims of the flooding in Pakistan. NU Stands with Pakistan is close to reaching its goal of $8,536, or $1 per undergraduate, said Weinberg senior Sana Rahim, one of the group’s main organizers.

    “For A&O to do this is probably the most effective partnership we’ve had,” Rahim said.

    Most tickets — about 4,600 — were purchased during the first day of sales, Stahura said. Tickets cost $15 for undergraduates and $20 for graduate students and alumni. Each guest could buy up to four tickets.

    Stahura and Rahim would not disclose exactly how much money ticket sales grossed. Stahura said A&O and NU Stands with Pakistan would announce the total at the concert.


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