A&O to sell limited number of Demetri Martin tickets on Friday

    Due to high student demand, A&O Productions will be releasing more tickets Friday for comedian Demetri Martin’s show, according to an A&O representative.

    “We did some reworking,” Promotions and Public Relations Co-Director Katie Halpern said.

    A very limited number of tickets — “under a hundred,” according to Halpern — will be sold online on Friday at 12 p.m. at the Norris Box Office Web site. Demetri Martin will be performing at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall on Feb. 26.

    “They’ll probably be gone almost instantly, but we think that it’s the most fair way to do it,” Halpern said. “Everybody has equal opportunity, you don’t have to make it to Norris, class conflicts and such aren’t a problem.”

    According to Halpern, A&O decided to redistribute a number of tickets previously reserved for A&O members.

    “There is a certain number of tickets for every show that we contractually must set aside for both the artist and for alumni, so we reworked that,” she said. “People on our crew are all allotted a ticket and not everyone did step up, so we said ‘There’s such high demand that we really need to get as many tickets as possible to the students.”

    The sale of tickets online was not the root cause of Monday’s sellout, Halpern said.

    “The venue is not big enough to accommodate all of the students that want to attend,” she said.

    “The problem is really that the event is too popular, so if we’re going to have a problem that’s the best one to have.”


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