A&O announces Nick Offerman as winter speaker
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    As the final season of NBC’s Parks and Recreation comes to a close, die hard fans will reminisce about the early days, make increasingly obscure references, yell at their non-fan friends for not hopping on the bandwagon, and finally, tearfully draft their eulogies for their favorite characters.

    But saying goodbye to our beloved Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department won’t be as hard for Northwestern students – A&O Productions is bringing the man behind the show’s most deadpan character to Pick-Staiger this winter. A&O announced, on Feb. 1 at 2 p.m. that Nick Offerman, the face (and arguably, personality) of grumpy but lovable Ron Swanson, will be this year’s winter speaker. With Parks and Rec as one of the best veritably binge-worthy, made-for-college-student-consumption comedies currently on network television, Offerman was an obvious choice. It looks like there will be more Ron Swanson to come – more moustache, wood shopping and manly goodness.

    Offerman will be performing in Evanston as a stand up comedian, which is a change for some who simply know him as the actor who plays (essentially) a televised version of himself. With his performance as the breakout character ending this year with Parks and Rec’s final season, you might think it’s time to say goodbye to Offerman. But with his recent Netflix stand-up, Nick Offerman: American Ham, it might be a little premature to limit your enjoyment of the gruff actor to Parks and Rec. We’ll get a taste of that stand-up talent soon.

    Get ready for Offerman’s rugged voice and intensely dark eyes which will instantly resurrect the image of the surly, fiercely libertarian character by buying tickets at from the Norris Box Office at nbo.northwestern.edu. Tickets are going onsale tomorrow for $10 starting at 10 a.m.


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