ASG delays discussion of resolution to support Obama's gun control agenda
    Photo courtesy of ASG.

    The ASG Senate voted not to discuss an impromptu piece of legislation Wednesday that would propose a resolution in support of President Obama’s recently unveiled gun control agenda.

    Less than two thirds of the Senate present at Wednesday’s meeting supported voting on the resolution this week, proposed by Weinberg senior Ian Coley and Communication senior Steven Monacelli.

    During debate on the legislation, Monacelli argued that ASG has a “rich history” of recognizing “highly relevant” national and international issues.

    “We are students, it is a controversial issue, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to have opinions on matters,” Monacelli said.

    Next week, ASG will vote on legislation to provide funding for six more Apple computer chargers available for student rental at the University Library.

    The Senate will also appoint seven members to a new ad hoc committee on campaign reform next week. The committee plans to address the “gray area” of ASG campaigning, in which candidates will meet with student group leaders and make unofficial agreements about the race before they officially announce their candidacies. The committee will research other schools with student governments similar to ASG and examine how they regulate their campaigning.

    Editor's note, Thurs. Jan. 17 at 12:57 a.m.: This article originally stated that the Senate had blocked the passage of the resolution in support of Obama's gun control agenda. However, the members just voted to not bring up the resolution as new business until next week.


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