ASG candidates: they're just like us
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    While we do care about important issues raised in the ASG election campaigns like marginalized students and NU’s alcohol policy, we also want to peek behind the posters and slogans to really get to know the candidates. Join NBN as we find out more about the faces that are monopolizing our Facebook feeds these days from the people who are closest to them. Are they superheroes with special powers, or NU students just like you and me?

    Christina & Macs

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    What does it take to make good ASG leaders? The secret ingredients: sugar, spice and everything nice, according to several friends of Christina Cilento and Macs Vinson who work with them on their campaign.

    “Christina and Macs are just like the Powerpuff girls,” said Weinberg junior Isaac Rappoport. “They never settle. They [the Powerpuff girls] are constantly fighting Mojo Jojo but he never wins.”

    Just like the Powerpuff girls, Christina and Macs have complementary powers that work incredibly well together, Rappoport said.

    "[Macs is] the most intimidating and amazing twerker I've ever seen in my entire life."

    -Isaac Rappoport

    “They always bounce ideas off each other as one brings up a concern and the other develops that into a new idea,” SESP freshman Benjamin Powell said.

    Both Rappoport and Powell agree that although Macs more often looks at the larger picture and Christina at concrete steps, both have the ability to realize their collective ideas for the school.

    Though sometimes the campaign team works until 3 a.m., the two candidates have made the process less grueling by cracking jokes and playing music.

    “You will hear a lot of Mariah Carey at our meetings for sure,” Weinberg junior Ajay Nadig said.

    The candidates also try to fit in some physical activity during their long meetings. In fact, Christina is a huge fan of taking the stairs, Rappoport said, and she has been advocating that with great persistence.

    “When people are taking the elevator, she will be like, ‘Alright, I’ll be working my legs,’” Rappoport said.

    Macs’ way of working out, however, is totally different. He was on a twerking team in high school.

    “He’s the most intimidating and amazing twerker I’ve ever seen in my entire life,” Rappoport said.

    According to Nadig, “fierce” is the best word to describe both of them.

    “Macs and Christina are both unapologetic in their views in a good way. Their support for marginalized students on campus is one example of their firm stances,” Nadig said.

    Joji and Archie

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    There’s more to Joji Syed and Archie Baskaran than just their names sounding incredible together.

    "Joji took me to BK and ordered 50 chicken nuggets, just to cheer me up because she knows they're my favorites."

    -Mackenzie Schneider

    “Archie is probably the most passionate person I’ve ever met. I would probably call him my best friend on this campus. Any time anyone has a problem, Archie is the first person that they turn to,” said Archie’s roommate Shaan Somani.

    Passion is a common thread among the duo. Everyone asked about Joji unanimously agreed that “passionate” sums her up in one word.

    “[Joji] is passionate about what she dedicates her time to, whether that’s academics, or extracurriculars or her friends, and I think when she commits herself to something it really drives her to succeed,” said Weinberg senior Mackenzie Schneider.

    And Weinberg freshman Shayna Servillas said Joji and Archie’s meetings might as well be the Fourth of July.

    “Working with Joji is like being in the room with a firework. She is comprised entirely of passion and enthusiasm, so it's almost impossible to walk away from a conversation with her and not feel like you can change the world,” Servillas said.

    Schneider said the two of them are also incredibly compassionate for others.

    “One night I did not so amazingly on an exam, and I was very upset about it, and Joji took me to BK and ordered 50 chicken nuggets, just to cheer me up because she knows they’re my favorites,” said Schneider. “We sat there laughing and eating, and it made me feel better slash a little bit gross at the same time. She will drop anything to help you if you’re having a rough way to go.”

    Servillas said Joji and Archie the kind of people you want to listen to.

    “Archie lights up the room. Talking to Archie, you feel like you're the most important person and that everything you have to say is valuable. You could be his best friend or a total stranger. It's impossible not to love Archie,” Servillas said.

    On top of it all, the two of them are fashion moguls … well, maybe just Archie, according to Weinberg senior Parag Dharmavarapu.

    “One time last year Archie had only two shirts because he left most of them at home. So he wore the same glossy red button-down every day for two weeks. And he rocked it,” Dharmavarapu said. 


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