ASG elects not to recognize Reagan's birthday, selects members for firearm regulation committee
    Photo courtesy of ASG.

    ASG Senate defeated emergency legislation Wednesday recognizing the 102nd birthday of the late U.S. president Ronald Reagan.

    Weinberg sophomore Rebecca Schieber, senator for the College Republicans, proposed the resolution as a “nonpartisan” celebratory gesture.

    “Even though I don’t vote for all the presidents, I celebrate all of their birthdays,” Schieber said.

    The resolution garnered numerous reactions from the Senate in discussion on whether to bring it to the floor as emergency legislation.

    Weinberg junior Mike Morgan asked if Schieber would make “Ronald Reagan cupcakes” if the legislation were passed.

    Weinberg junior Paul Koscumb asked if the Senate would also recognize the birthday of William Henry Harrison in three days as well.

    Weinberg senior Ian Coley said the legislation was “embarrassing.”

    “This is not an emergent issue,” Coley said. “Ronald Reagan has had 101 other birthdays before.”

    The Senate also elected five members of ASG to the ad-hoc committee on firearm regulation created last week that will compose an open letter to Congress urging “bipartisan movement” on gun control. The members elected to the committee are Weinberg sophomore Petros Karahalios, Medill senior and ASG Vice-President Brad Stewart, Weinberg sophomore Alexander Deitchman, Weinberg freshman Joshua Crowder and Weinberg sophomore Emily Schraudenbach.


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