ASG elects six SAFC account executives

    Northwestern’s ASG Senate appointed six account executives to the Student Activities Finance Committee (SAFC) Wednesday, four of whom have previously served on the committee.

    Of the Senate’s six selections, three – Communication sophomore Sean Earley and Weinberg juniors Sofia Sami and Tori Zuzelo – currently serve as ASG senators. McCormick sophomore Jason Arnold and Weinberg juniors Siddiq Ather and Amrit Kanesa-Thasan are the Senate's non-ASG selections.

    Account executives audit student groups who receive ASG funding to make sure they are using their money appropriately and help student groups organize the best possible on-campus programming.

    The Senate also passed an amendment that pushed the application deadline for ASG’s recently created Community Service and Engagement Grant to Feb. 1.

    At next week’s ASG meeting:

    • The Senate will vote on legislation clarifying the rules and regulations surrounding the “gray area” of ASG campaigning. This legislation will require ASG members running for executive board positions to clarify whether they intend to explore the possibility of campaigning. Candidates will also be restricted from communicating with campus media until they formally announce their candidacy in the spring.
    • The Senate will review the Student Group Committee's funding recommendations for B-status student groups. The committee has suggested allocating about $10,000 to these groups.

    Editor's note: This article originally listed Arnold, Ather and Kanesa-Thasan as ASG senators and Earley, Sami and Zuzelo as non-ASG members of SAFC. It also listed SAFC as the body that makes B-status group funding recommendations, which is a function of the Student Group Committee. Thanks to commenter Katie and Brad Stewart for catching the mistakes. North by Northwestern regrets the error.


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