ASG holds open student forum, no one attends

    As per a constitutional requirement, Associated Student Government held an open forum Tuesday to discuss proposed changes to the ASG constitution introduced at last Wednesday's senate meeting. Although the forum was "open to the entire student undergraduate body," according to the Feb. 14 edition of ASG Weekly, no students attended the hour-long session. The event, chaired by ASG Vice President Brad Stewart and attended by three other ASG members, did not even end up including a discussion.

    "Basically we offer these forums as an opportunity for the student body to come share their views, but given the nature of the legislation, it's not surprising that most of the people who care are within ASG," Stewart said. The proposed amendment would eliminate the position of treasurer and elevate caucus whips to the ASG exec board. "If we were making changes regarding the way the president and vice president are elected, or to the total number of senators, these would probably draw more students, but this is such an internal issue, we can't expect the average student to care about it."

    The last time ASG voted to amend its constitution, in October, the open student forum was incorporated into a Senate meeting.


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