ASG: Petition Evanston to halt enforcement of "brothel rule"

    Dear Northwestern,

    Thank you to everyone who attended the Tuesday town hall meeting. The dialogue was heated at times, but we demonstrated our ability to come together when it matters.

    We feel the frustration and the real implications this ordinance has on us as students. We hear your voice, and we, as ASG, are undoubtedly committed to fighting on behalfof it.

    Above all, we must remember why we are so willing to have our voices heard — we want to find a solution. We must focus on what can tangibly be done.

    The unfortunate reality is that neither we as students nor the university has the ability to repeal this law. This is because the ordinance affects people’s living standards in other areas of the city. As a result, the city council will never overturn the ordinance, regardless of any lobbying efforts on our part. This may not have been made explicitly clear at the town hall meeting, but it is the regrettable truth of the situation.

    However, there is another way to solve this problem. We are calling on the city council to stop the increased enforcement of the ordinance, and to amend the ordinance to reflect contemporary student needs and circumstances. For the time being, this is the most effective and practical solution to the problem. We have to ask ourselves what is the most immediate and realistic action we can take.

    To sign the official petition for an amended ordinance, visit: This petition will be presented to the Evanston City Counciland would legitimately influence the council’s decisions. Also, be sure to check out theincluded links on the petition site for further information.

    We cannot do this without all of us as students working together. Be sure to forward the petition to your friends and to actively reach out to your city officials.


    Claire Lew ASG President
    Hiro Kawashima ASG Vice President
    Ethan Merel ASG External Relations Vice President
    Matt Bellassai ASG Public Relations Vice President


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