ASG postpones voting on issues

    Due to low attendance, ASG postponed voting on any issues in tonight’s Senate meeting.

    Next week they will vote on funding for Hoop for Haiyan, a basketball tournament on Jan. 11 that will raise funds for victims of Typhoon Haiyan.

    ASG will also be voting on whether or not they will allocate $200 from the Senate Project Pool for the Body Acceptance Week keynote speaker. Body Acceptance Week will be in mid-February.

    The Diversity & Inclusion and Sustainability committees are also eligible for elevation to full Cabinet-level status. ASG will be voting on this issue as well.

    ASG President Ani Ajith encouraged people to take their survey of all current undergraduate students. The survey asks students about meal plans, academic advising, campus communication and bikes and shuttle schedule. According to an email ASG sent to the student body, they can “lobby for more effective policies, create useful services and improve resources for students and groups” with the results of the survey.


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