ASG Senate discusses crosswalk, off-campus housing
    Photo courtesy of ASG.

    ASG Senate approved legislation to support construction of a crosswalk on Hinman Avenue after swearing in new speaker Katie Funderburg and parliamentarian Abby Klearman on Wednesday night.

    The legislation, brought forth by McCormick sophomore Alex Lower, “encourages” University administration and the City of Evanston to collaborate in implementing a crosswalk at the east side of Hinman Avenue across Sheridan Road. According to Lower and proponents of the bill, a crosswalk would make the intersection safer for pedestrians walking to and from Jones, 1835 Hinman and the Center for Civic Engagement. The measure would also quicken the path for campus tours as groups return from the Arch to the Office of Undergraduate Admission, said ASG Vice President Brad Stewart.

    Before approval, the bill was amended to acknowledge that a similar crosswalk existed two years ago, but was effaced and never restored after the city repaved Sheridan Road.

    Also on Wednesday night, Director of Off-Campus Life Tony Kirchmeier visited the Senate to outline details of the university’s partnership with Places4Students, a service that now provides searchable off-campus housing, sublet and roommate listings for free to the Northwestern community. Based on student feedback, this service will fill gaps in the off-campus living experience, said Kirchmeier, who began vetting potential companies in July.

    Student Life Vice President Alex Van Atta announced the university’s collaboration with Freenters (according to the company website, pronounced "printers") for the 2013-2014 academic year. The company will provide 100 free sheets of printing per month, funded by student group and Evanston business banner ads placed at the bottom margin of the printed papers.

    Next week Senate will revisit the New Student Center Initiative, which was originally unveiled three years ago, and launch an updated campaign for student support.


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