ASG update March 2: Exec approves constitutional amendment for Senate review

    The ASG executive board debated the proposed Senate reformation bill in their penultimate meeting of the quarter, which was abbreviated in anticipation of Evanston Mayor Tisdahl’s visit to the Senate.

    Led by President Claire Lew, the exec board voted 7-2 to bring to Senate a proposed constitutional amendment that would drastically reshape the organization of ASG. Following last week’s forum on the issue, Speaker of the Senate Tyris Jones left the bill off this week’s agenda due to a Senate rule preventing constitutional amendments from being submitted as emergency legislation.

    By bringing the bill before Senate as emergency legislation, the exec board hoped it could be discussed as new business and potentially voted on as early as next week.

    With Senate elections taking place the second week of spring quarter, Lew said she was concerned with making sure the dialogue on this “time-sensitive” issue continues, instead of marginalizing the bill to the point of irrelevance.

    “We’re just trying to make sure we’re discussing this issue like we should,” Lew said. “I went through all the required protocol in presenting this bill, and it deserves the proper consideration.”


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