At brief meeting, ASG Senate purchases chargers
    In a surprisingly stunted 40-minute Senate session, ASG senators approved a whopping $479.94 to purchase six Mac chargers, which will be made available in the coming weeks for three-hour rentals at the Main Library.

    Senate approved the proposal, brought forth by Greek senators Aaron Zelikovich and Abby Klearman, after a brief 20-minute debate, moderated by the off-campus senator Francis Brooke in absence of Senate Speaker Wilson Preston Funkhouser III. The funds will be taken from the Senate Project Pool, a specialized pot of cash available to any undergraduate student for campus-wide projects, subject to Senate approval. After the charger funds are transferred, the pool will shrink to $2,245.06.

    ASG Treasurer Jo Lee, who will cut the check for the six chargers, along with a handful of senators, objected to the lack of research that preceded the approval of funds. Lee thought senators settled on an “arbitrary number” of chargers and should have consulted campus groups, Norris and other libraries, for unclaimed chargers they may have accumulated in past years.

    “I think we could have looked for donations first,” Lee said.

    Despite the few objections, Zelikovich and Klearman will work with the library to implement the project throughout the quarter. The library may purchase additional chargers in the future depending on demand for this pilot program.

    By Senate’s end, 141 ideas had been submitted to Austin and Ash’s 5K Initiative, which will provide $5,000 for the best student-generated idea. The 5K Committee will vet submissions, the best of which will be put to a student vote.

    ASG President Austin Young announced one of his favorite proposals to internationally train a Northwestern superhero. The so-called “Batman Initiative” requested $5,000 to fund a student’s trip to China, where martial arts experts would train him in kung fu, to be used to protect campus upon his return. The impetus for the proposal, Young said, is the inadequacy of Segway-driving police officers. “I’m not throwing it out until we do some solid research,” Young joked.

    On a more serious note, senators amassed a list of suggestions for additional off-campus resources, which ASG will give to the new Director of Off-Campus Housing, Tony Kirchmeier. Among the ideas were calls for NU officials to help prospective off-campus residents understand lease agreements, a cohesive list of tenant rights and a centralized list of landlords.

    NBN welcomes Matt Bellassai, former ASG Presidential candidate and Public Relations Vice President, as Special ASG Correspondent this quarter. Please see our note on his coverage.


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