Battlestar Galactica: "The Ties That Bind"

    Illinois was rocked by an earthquake, Pope Benedict XVI visited America and here’s what happened in this week’s episode of Battlestar Galactica, “The Ties That Bind.”

    Warning: Spoiler alert!

    That diabolical, intergalactic hussy! Photo courtesy of the Sci-Fi network.

    Brother Cavil downloads into a new body and finds out that Six and her posse have taken over one of the base ships. He tries to convince Six she’s made a mistake by giving the, now diva-like, centurions higher learning process. Off in a corner a centurion’s red eye shifts quickly. Cavil and his crew agree to un-box the D’Annas and tells Six to have her base ship jump to where the D’Annas will be resurrected. Six’s ship jumps to the spot only to be surrounded and blown up by the other base ships which are controlled by Brother Cavil. Cavil boxes the Sixes and the Eights, except for Boomer who’s having relations with Cavil.

    Lee took a government position and has an unexpected private meeting with Tom Zarek. Zarek complains about President Roslin’s and Adama’s secrecy and unilateral decisions. He convinces Lee to question Roslin’s actions and leaves him a folder of confidential information.

    Meanwhile, Roslin’s trying to cover Adama’s butt by feigning ignorance about the Demetrius, the sewage ship that Adama gave to Starbuck to use in her search for Earth. During a press conference Lee tries to help the president deal with the press, but Roslin reprimands him for it. Insulted, Lee leaks classified information which calls Roslin’s ability to be a fair leader into question. Lee acting like a child? Shocker!

    On the Demetrius, Starbuck is surrounded by a crew that’s forced to go with her. She treats them poorly, keeps switching courses based on her “feel” for Earth and when Anders comes to talk to her about it she tells him their marriage was a mistake. And then they frak.

    Cally is taking anti-depressants because she and the Chief are experiencing marital issues (the guy’s a toaster, what would you expect?) Thinking that the Chief is cheating on her, she follows him into one of his secret meetings with Colonel Tigh and Tory. She finds out that they’re skin jobs and ends up beating the Chief unconscious with a wrench. Depressed and confused, she runs to the airlock with her baby to kill herself. Tory, who knows that Cally’s found out about the toasters on board, knocks Cally out. When Cally regains consciousness, she sees Tory in the airlock control room with her baby. Tory activates the airlock and Cally gets sucked out.

    Overall, the beginning of the episode was a huge drag. I’m disappointed with how much time the writers are devoting to make-out scenes and possible affairs. The only interesting parts of the episode involved Six, Tory and Cally… poor, poor Cally. I didn’t realize how much I hated Tory until I saw Cally’s frozen body floating in space. The idea that Tory can get away with murder because everyone believes Cally was suicidal breaks my heart.

    Quotation of the week: You’re going to find that you’ve opened a bigger can of worms than you thought. – Brother Cavil speaking to Six.

    The preview was a huge mess of clips cut together, so here’s what I got.

    Next Week: Colonel Tigh visits Caprica-Six (the one that’s held hostage on Galactica) and imagines her as his the dead wife he murdered, and then gets pummeled by Caprica-Six. The Chief complains about someone not being an angel (I’m guessing Cally), and Tory revels in the idea of being a perfect being. Once again we’re told that all will be revealed… yeah, we’ll see.


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