Beard of the Week #2

    Weinberg sophomore Dan Wilson hails from Seattle. His beard caught my eye in the 1835 Hinman dining hall.

    Wilson, who shares his namesake with the greatest catcher in Seattle Mariners history, stopped cheering when the M’s stopped winning, but he remains a huge Seahawks fan. It’s for the love of the team that his beard emerged.

    “[This past season] there was a football game between the Seahawks and the Steelers, and my friend bet me that the Steelers would win. Whoever lost would grow a beard, [and the Seahawks lost] so I grew a beard,” Wilson said. “I just had to wear it until Thanksgiving, but then I thought, well it’s getting cold out, maybe I’ll just keep it.”

    Wilson said his beard idol is Geoffrey Rush in Pirates of the Caribbean.


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