Best of the Rest: Friday, Oct. 14

    Every couple of days, NBN’s News Sections looks at the top news from other campus publications. Know what happens there before it winds up here.

    GODS AND HEAD COACHES There’s no question about today’s top story, for it bears such a gleefully epic title all we can do is quote it. In his story about this weekend's football game between Iowa and Northwestern, The Daily Iowan’s Seth Roberts details—and this is really its headline—“a history of hatred and pain”:

    “Now that we’re facing Northwestern, I guess we can put all that hatred, all that pain, all those losses all into this week for these guys,” [Iowa cornerback Shaun Prater] said on Tuesday. “We take every team on our schedule personally — but definitely Persa, and definitely this team [Northwestern]. Hopefully, we can get the W this year, especially being a senior, [so] I can end my career saying I beat Northwestern.”

    It's funny. As a Northwestern fan, I can recall all that hate, but very little of that pain.

    The Iowan also runs a more traditional pre-game story about the Hawkeyes’s tactics this Saturday, and—perhaps best of all—a confession from Iowa sophomore Ryan Murphy, who’s been a Northwestern fan since he was 3. He writes, "when people sneer at the Wildcats, and say it’s 'just Northwestern,' it still irks me a bit." Ryan, you're very brave and very awesome.

    WHEN ALUMS OF EVANSTON GET MENTIONED ANYWHERE The Daily Princetonian continues to make our job easy, as it leads with Luc Cohen’s story about the doings of a Northwestern alum:

    While he was a senior at Northwestern University in 2000, Nick Ehrmann GS ’10 decided to apply for Teach for America out of what he called “a pretty abstract desire of wanting to do some good in the world.” In 2009, he turned that abstract desire into a reality by founding Blue Engine, an education fellowship program that seeks to combat college under-preparedness in low-income schools in New York City.

    COURTESY OF ANDREW MASON, BIENEN ‘03 Attendance at Ryan Field has sometimes been…paltry. But it’s never been so bad that the Athletics Department offered a Groupon for $10 tickets, as Columbia is doing for its game against Yale on Oct. 29. The Columbia Daily Spectator’s Patrick McGuire revels, briefly, in the story.

    OCCUPY OCCUPY OCCUPY Student involvement in the Occupy Colleges protests—which NBN summarized last Friday—continue, except that sometimes now they don’t. At Minnesota, few students showed up for a Thursday "Occupy Minnesota" march, according to Anissa Stocks in the Minnesota Daily. And thanks to Nick Defiesta at the Yale Daily News, you can learn the witty, clever title of this weekend’s conservative-led counter-Occupy protest at Yale. (An "Occupy 'Occupy "Occupy New Haven"'" protest, led by the New Haven People's Front, seems the only way any of this can end.)

    OCCUPY JOHN STREETEveryone’s favorite campus criminal may have struck again in Providence, R.I.! Kat Thornton, who is apparently on this beat, joins forces with Lucy Feldman at the Brown Daily Herald to report that Brown University’s masturbator has returned.

    OCCUPY DUELING FOOTBALL COLUMNS Fans from Michigan State and that horrid university who beat us last weekend dueled in each other's papers throughout the week in anticipation of Saturday’s Michigan-Rending-Ultimate Death Contest. And, finally, the University of Wisconsin’s Badger Herald ran its own dueling columns over a rather colorfully-worded cheer. 


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