Best of the Rest: Tuesday, Oct. 4

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    OCCUPY SOMETHING OR OTHER Lots of papers lead with the Occupy Wall Street protests today, but only our loyal Daily actually goes out and finds the protests’s equivalent in Chicago. Adam Sege reports:

    Like Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Chicago has no official leader. And like the other protests unfolding across the country, its members speak passionately about a wide variety of issues. An informal sampling on Monday, for instance, revealed a sweeping wish-list of changes: more jobs, higher taxes for the rich, homes for the homeless, lower tuition and cheaper health care.

    OCCUPY ITHACA (WITH KINDLES) In a front page story at the Cornell Daily Sun, Conor Goetz describes the effects of e-books on textbook sales: revenue at Cornell’s bookstore fell 21% over the previous four years, and “2010 was the first year in more than a decade that the store made fewer than $8 million on textbook sales.”

    IT’S A TRAP! Bike theft is a big issue on any urban campus, and one way Twin Cities cops near the University of Minnesota have tried to address it is by setting out decoy, easily stealable bikes equipped with GPS units. According to Kyle Richard Sando, reporting in the U of M’s Minnesota Daily, police netted the program’s first arrest in late September:

    With 127 cases reported around the University campus this calendar year alone, bike theft is the single greatest theft problem the University police deal with, Deputy Chief Chuck Miner said. But now, thanks to updated technology, the department is ready to tackle the problem.

    Police arrested the thief Sept. 24. The bait bike he stole was equipped with a highly accurate GPS unit, University police said.

    THE DRINK STANDS ALONE Beau Hayhoe, at MSU’s The State News:

    Although the label implies the can contains the alcohol content of one or two beers, the FTC said [Four Loko] actually contains the alcohol content of four to five and ‘is not safe to drink on a single occasion.’

    NIGHTMARE ON JOHN STREET Crime may be worrisome in Evanston, but at least we don’t have Providence’s problems. Kat Thornton, The Brown Daily Herald:

    They do not know his name, but some students have had disturbingly close encounters with him. He often comes up in conversation and has become the subject of jokes and songs. The man, an infamous naked masturbator, has been spotted in the yards of at least three off-campus student houses since this summer.

    Headline of the week.


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