Best of the Rest: Wednesday, Oct. 5

    Every day, NBN's News Section finds the most relevant news from the nation's college papers. Know about it there before it shows up here.

    OCCUPY EVERYTHING Yesterday, the intrepid Daily took us to Occupy Chicago; today, The Daily Pennsylvanian, Columbia Spectator and Yale Daily News all lead with news of the original Occupy Wall Street protests or spin-offs in Philadelphia and New Haven, Conn. (Nikil Saval, writing at n+1, provides a first-hand account of Occupy Philadelphia.)

    NEWS YOU CAN SNOOZE Alison Marcotte at the Daily Illini has a beginner’s guide to napping.

    ENFORCING THE FREEZE Cornell is enforcing its version of the Greek Freshmen Freeze by forcing all students to scan in when they enter a “registered social event” organized by a sorority or fraternity. (At Cornell, freshmen are not permitted to attend “open” Greek events during the Fall semester.) Akane Otani reports at the Daily Sun:

    Fraternities are required to borrow a card scanner and iPod with ID Card Scan for all registered social events, during which chapter presidents and social chairs can access the application, which connects to PeopleSoft and, when scanned, displays the student’s name, class year and whether or not they are 21 years old.

    “WITHOUT EXPLICIT PERMISSION” Here is something your curator has never worried about at Northwestern. Adelaide Blanchard, at the Badger Herald:

    The University of Wisconsin Faculty Senate voted unanimously to forbid any university employee from carrying a concealed weapon without explicit permission at Monday’s meeting, members of the senate confirmed.

    “Without explicit permission.”


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