Better Know a Neighborhood: Edgewater

It only takes half-an-hour on the L to get to Edgewater, the classic hotspot for distressed Medill kids in Journalism 301. But Edgewater is more than just an interview source; its many small, independently owned shops and ethnic restaurants are definitely worth exploring. So get to the Red Line’s Granville stop for some non-Clarke’s brunch and some not-Crossroads thrift shopping – Chicago is out there, waiting for intrepid college kids like you to spend some money in the local business scene.

Ann Sather

1147 West Granville Ave.

Just down the street from the Granville stop, Ann Sather is a great place for an indulgent Saturday-afternoon brunch. You’ll pay a little over 10 dollars for an entrée, and you’ll get so much food your head will spin. If you’re a broke college kid on a budget, order eggs for the two free sides – and get the cinnamon buns as one of them. They come in pairs and arrive as a kind of “appetizer” for the main course: glistening with frosting, puffy to the touch, great for tearing and sharing (Plus, Buzzfeed loves them – check out number 17 on the list). Ann Sather is a friendly, welcoming space, with two alternate locations in Lakeview, quick service and great food. And if you’re in Edgewater for Journalism 301, those cinnamon buns will always be there for you, just next door, even if your sources aren’t.

The Coffee Shop

1135 W Sheridan Road

If you somehow forgot to get coffee while at Ann Sather, take a quick six-minute walk (according to Google maps) to The Coffee Shop. Independently owned and covered in framed photographs of musicians and assorted musical instruments, the shop seems to draw the college hipster out of you. Plus, it has a great assortment of baked goods and Loyola students.

Edgewater Antique Mall

6314 N Broadway St.

If you successfully pulled your friends together and got an apartment for next year, definitely stop by this antique mall for all your rad, vintage-feel furniture needs. Forty different antiques dealers show their wares in little enclaves throughout this expansive space on Broadway Avenue, each particular nook with its own personality and theme. Even if you’re not furniture shopping, the shop showcases a huge array of 50s-era floral dresses, fringed leather jackets, 45-dollar vintage Coach bags, leather-bound McClure’s Magazines and literally so much more. Hold onto your wallets, folks.

Third Coast Comics

6234 N Broadway St.

An independently owned bookstore, Third Coast Comics provides a bright, comfortable space for all comic-book lovers. Stylized cards – “Monthly Comics!” and “Chicks Who Kick Ass!” – guide new customers around the store, but store owner Terry Gant knows his regulars well. They talk comics and banter like a scene straight out of some idyllic, old-timey small town. The shop even hosts fun events on weekend nights, like karaoke and a chili cook-off, and is sponsoring an early screening in Edgewater for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.


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