Big Bite Night: When Evanston pays for dinner
  • Andy's shakes disappeared quickly among the waiting students.
  • Weinberg freshman Courtney Baldwin peered into her Andy's shake.
  • Weinberg senior David Nellessen waited in line for the next big bite of the night.
  • Weinberg freshman Jackson Lehmar picked up some sushi from Sashimi Sashimi's stand.
  • Weinberg freshman Jodie Wei bit into a huge slice of Lou Malnati's pizza.
  • Northwestern students and Evanstonians waited in line at the Funky Monk.
  • Students dug into Olive Mountain's falafel and pita slices.
  • Weinberg senior Qian Kun Tan nibbled on Edzo's fries.
  • Funky Monk serves ladled lamb dumpling soup, borscht and carrot salad to the waiting crowds.
  • Communication senior Grace Hamilton-Vargo sipped at her Edzo's milkshake.

For over ten years, Northwestern students have enjoyed Evanston’s annual Big Bite Night, a partnership between ASG, Downtown Evanston, and Whole Foods during which students sample cuisine from over 30 restaurants for free. Participating restaurants hope to entice return visits by making a positive impact with their food, sometimes even offering coupons, magnets, and take-home menus. Here are some Northwestern students’ favorite locations.

Sophomore Joann Lee, Zoba Noodles: “The ramen was really nice and warm.”

Freshman Jackson Lehmar, Potbelly's: “The oatmeal chocolate chip cookie was by far the best thing.”

Sophomore Ryan Evenson, Edzo's: “I just had a shot of Nutella milkshake and it was orgasmic.”

Senior Grace Hamilton-Vargo, Lou Malnati’s: “They gave me a whole piece of pizza.”

Senior Ben Bloch, The Celtic Knot: “Their potato soup is warm, it’s tasty and it’s always there. I remember it from freshman year.”

Freshman Courtney Baldwin, Edzo's: “Definitely the place with the Nutella Milkshake.”


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