Bleeding Heart
    ...and remember by M1k3 / Flickr

    Moonlight reflects your bones
    and riddles climb your spine,
    whispers of a love once craved

    Spaces between your fingers
    are the fissures through which I slip
    slowly into sweet, drunken abyss

    We tear apart threads that bind,
    stretch the seams that once held
    a flame that no longer flickers

    Screens from which I watched
    a heartbeat stop its skip
    and another drown into its own

    So lovely, it is
    to puncture more wounds
    in one who is not whole

    Dwelling in the space
    of which all has come undone
    and lying in a history forgotten

    Whispers say that I am but a bleeding heart,
    slowly but surely I will burn scars into our skin
    seconds eternalize; I tell them:

    I like it here.


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    Paige Shin, Nov. 2, 2016