Blu-ray wins. HD DVD cries for votes.


    So, we were wrong. Despite low HD DVD player prices earlier this year, Blu-ray has seemingly won.

    The graph pretty much sums it up. Why has Blu-ray won? Warner Bros, one of the biggest players in Hollywood, threw their support completely to Blu-ray about a mouth ago. Previously, Warner had released titles on both formats. Now, the only major studios still supporting HD DVD are Universal and Paramount, the studio that released Transformers last year.

    While Blu-ray is widely considered a better format, HD DVD, according to a Gizmodo writer, was the format that actually loved us.

    It looks like the $2.7 million HD DVD Super Bowl Ad was the format’s final goodbye.

    Absolutely, positively final verdict: Blu-ray wins. Goodbye HD DVD.



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