Evanston Farmers' Market is back in business
  • Vendors make fresh crêpes at Gotta B Crêpes.
  • Members of the Evanston community shop for fruits, vegetables and herbs at the Farmers' Market.
  • Vegetables are sold fresh at Geneva Lakes Produce.
  • Gretta's Goats sells organic goat milk soap and other products.
Photos by Kayla Reardon / North by Northwestern

The Evanston Farmers’ Market, located at the intersection of University Place and Oak Avenue, is officially back in business for its 41st season and is a resource for any NU student looking to switch up their diet, or grab a bar of fragrant organic goat milk soap (from Gretta’s Goats) this spring.

At the Farmers’ Market, you can find a wide variety of freshly grown, local produce, but it’s not just fruits and veggies. Vendors sell everything from fresh crêpes, flowers to spice up your dorm room, herbs to season your Sodexo dinner and cheese from The Cheese People’s stand to snack on. Not to mention if you’re gluten-free, you can taste some delicious baked goods from stands like the Saint Nicholas Church Service Trip Team’s stand.

24-year-old Corban Koster sells fresh herbs, potatoes, spinach and other healthy and local vegetables at the Geneva Lakes Produce stand every Saturday morning.

“Having gone through college myself, I know how easy it is to not care about eating healthy,” Koster said. He also said that it’s not eating healthy that’s good for you, but eating local.

“By eating local, you know where the food came from, and it is free of all of the chemicals mass-production farms tend to use,” Koster said. 

Cedric White is only 29 years old, but he has been working at the Hoffman Greenhouses stand every Saturday since he was a teenager. He said remembers when University students would flock to the market.

“In the past four to five years, the number of students has really slowed down,” White said. “I’ve been here 16 years. I’ve never missed a Saturday. The market’s spiralled downhill.”

But Weinberg freshman Alyssa Larios said she enjoys going to the Farmers’ Market with friends.

“There are so many delicious things to eat,” Larios said. “It’s also always good to support local producers, and it’s way better than dining hall food.”

Koster said the sense of community is what truly makes the Farmers’ Market stand out.

"We’re all small businesses that are working together to provide the consumers safe and local products," he said. “The bread guy comes and his customers come and check out my stuff and my customers come and check out his stuff. Next thing you know, we’ve both got new customers.”

Some stands to check out at the market are:

Bennison’s Bakery – This stand always has a supply of freshly baked breads.

Gotta B Crêpes – Watch this stand prepare your delicious crêpe right in front of your eyes.

Geneva Lakes Produce – This stand is full of safe, local and fresh vegetables and herbs that you can grow at home.

The Cheese People – Their perfectly aged cheeses come in large logs and are “cut to order."

Katherine Anne Confections – This stand's delicious desserts, like creative weekly truffles, are crafted with a focus on local and sustainable ingredients.


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