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    For warm weather natives, saying you go to Northwestern is always met with an “oh my, it’s cold there” response from friends and relatives back home. If you’re local, you might be wondering why you chose to stay in a city with some of the most brutally cold weather this country has to offer. Despite the harsh winds, bone-chilling temperatures and snowy gray days, there are things to do to make winter quarter bearable.

    Light Therapy
    Long dark nights and short days can leave you with sleeping problems, carbohydrate cravings and winter woes. But a study commissioned by the American Psychiatric Association in 2005 has shown that with the help of a blue therapy light or light box, users can avoid recurring depression that develops in the fall or winter.

    Ignore the freezing winds outside your window by evoking the warmth of the Caribbean. Put on some Bob Marley, turn up the radiator, and start dreaming of palm trees.

    Battery Powered Heated Mittens

    Say goodbye to the stinging numbness that overtakes your fingertips each winter. A little excessive? Perhaps. But even on the losing end of a snowball fight, everyone will still want to be you.

    A No-Stink Base Layer
    No one enjoys communal laundry. Save yourself a load by wearing an undershirt that doesn’t smell with each sweat.

    A Cuddle Buddy

    Take advantage of forced time indoors by finding someone who makes curling up in bed a little more enjoyable.

    Replace the dark, dreary colors in your room for some brighter shades to immediately lift your mood. Try painting or decorating your room in colors that reflect the sun – warm shades of yellow, red, or orange. According to the Sheffield School of Interior Design, a Chinese red shade is best for kicking out the winter blues.

    Once gray winter has settled in, you’ll pine for anything living. A houseplant, maybe two, fulfills that need. Winter-flowering orchids, like cymbidiums, have surprisingly tropical-looking flowers.


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