Calling home
    Photo from Pxhere / Licensed under Creative Commons
    Photo from PxHere / Licensed under Creative Commons

    I video call my mother late at night

    (roughly at noon on her side of the Earth)

    to tell a story or some joke that might

    provoke her ringing laugh. This sound of mirth

    evokes late evenings, walking by her side

    in the cool breeze, after a warm day.

    Sometimes the boundless water that divides

    us doesn’t really feel like such a long way.

    Her voice breaks. “Would you mind repeating that?”

    I ask her when the crackling fades.

    And when I try to joke about our cat,

    her laugh arrives, just a moment late.

    “No battery left!” And then the screen goes black.

    I wish her face would somehow flicker back.


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