Campus Store Showdown: Campus Gear vs. Beck's
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    You roll out of bed, take a peek at your calendar and – nuts!! – you only have two hours before a back-to-back-to-back networking event, formal and Halloween party. Your next glance is at your overflowing laundry basket, and fear sets in. 

    Where does one make a one-stop shop for business casual, formal AND Halloween gear while staying true to your reasonable goal of wearing only purple for the rest of your life?? 

    Take heart, yung Northwestern student: your trusty (and pricey) campus stores have the duds you need. Campus Gear and Beck’s are mere minutes away and provide a stunning array of useful (and pricey) Northwestern swag just waiting to be repurposed for this exact situation. 

    Flip through the following quiz for outfit choices – or just accessories, since we weren’t joking about the pricey-ness – and choose the right store to fit all of your Wildcat tendencies.

    Production by Stephanie Minn and Nicholas Garbaty/ North By Northwestern


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