Campus Tales: Rock-alypse

    Video by Emma Kumer

    This is part two of our series called “Campus Tales.” Everyone has a story, and so does every building on this campus. Read stories about NU’s campus buildings, in all kinds of shapes and forms – available in different genres for different locations.

    Location: The Rock

    Genre: Horror

    Flesh drops, blood soaks, growls resonate and students run.

    Only a few hours ago, President Schapiro announced the presence of hazardous, cannibalistic and infectious beings attacking students and faculty on campus.

    It took less than half an hour for my freshman roommate to tear into his girlfriend’s flesh and pull out her eyeballs. My philosophy professor was chasing after his teaching assistant. Fortunately enough, they can’t run that fast, so I got on my bike. At the top of University Hall lay a corpse ripped limb from limb, to which my English professor dug in ravenously. Unable to find any more zombies near the Rock, I park my bike for a bit and take a rest. It has been a horrifying day. My dorm is already full of freshman undeads, that break every door and chow down every innocent freshman.

    “This feels like a sorority rush period,” Mark, now long gone, said a couple of hours ago. “I feel so popular and scared at the same time.” I don’t know where he is right now. We were separated at Kellogg because McCormick zombies decided to chase after us. I took a left toward Deering, and he kept running straight.


    A sound of movement breaks the silence. I look around and see a little child next to my bike. Covered in blood, crying, asking for help. I approach her and ask, “Hi… Are you okay? It’s okay. Where’s your mommy?” She doesn’t know. She doesn’t remember. She is lost, terrified and scared.. . Whose daughter is this? Why won’t she tell me? I just want to tell her it’s okay and everything’s going to be fine. Wait...what’s wrong with her eyes? It wasn’t this red before. Her voice wasn’t this low moments ago. Her teeth are layered with blood, and she stares at me. I remember that look. That’s how I looked at my chicken nuggets. The moment I try to run from her, she bites my leg. And again. This is where it all ends.

    It hurts. My blood feels way hotter than usual. My senses are spiced, and I cannot bear but cough up blood lingering in my throat.

    My consciousness weakens, and my body trembles. Facing the moment of truth, I lose myself.


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