Cats with bags on their heads never get old

    Sure, it’s a new quarter, but that won’t stop me from posting a Cute Animal Blog staple — cats with bags on their heads. For those dependent on metaphors, pretend these poor kitties represent the uncertainty so many of us Northwestern students suffer in spring. Whether it be from seniors who have no idea what the post-college world holds or underclassmen waiting to see where they’ll end up in the summer, a lot of us are just stumbling around aimlessly like this chubby cat. Thanks Cute Overload, you are the best.

    This cat plays around with a Baja Fresh bag for a bit before getting it stuck on his head.

    This cat, in a nice twist, gets its head stuck in a dog food bag.

    I like this cat because he’s called Taxi, and that’s a cool name for a cat. No pointless metaphor required.


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