Celebrating 4/20: It's high time for some art

    Hello friends and fellow Wildcats, it’s me: your friendly neighborhood stoner. In case you didn’t know, yesterday we celebrated a very special holiday. Maybe you blamed the strange smell in the air on the infestation of skunks on our campus, and maybe you thought everyone’s eyes were glazed over because we’re just dead inside. It’s a fair assumption. But nope. We were all high as fuck.

    If you haven’t read about my 4/20 shenanigans from last year, check it out. This year, we decided to express our high thoughts with pictures instead of words – after all, they’re easier to understand when you’re high. So, I gathered with a new group of stoners, ripped a bong and made some art.

    After pulling one of our fine artists away from an episode of The Office (“It just sucks me in, dude!”), we began to work on our masterpieces. Please note: I never claimed our masterpieces would be good.

    Photo by North by Northwestern

    No commentary from this artist, so the message is left to your interpretation. Show your friend who’s obsessed with Black Mirror and you’ll probably hear something about how humans are ruled by technology. But you’re probably reading this from your iPhone, so maybe it’s true?

    Photo by North by Northwestern

    What is this? “Doodles.” What does it mean? “Anything.” I personally think it’s a map of an undiscovered land, but you can be the judge of that.

    Photo by North by Northwestern

    We almost had a crisis halfway through the drawing session.

    “Tell them one of the artists got too high to finish his project. I just need someone to draw rain drops for me. Who wants to draw raindrops? Just make it all dark and depressing for me.”

    I guess somehow he found the will within him to draw the raindrops and finish this masterpiece. Crisis averted!

    Photo by North by Northwestern

    My thoughts while drawing this: “What else do you want people to know when they look at the picture? They need to know… that someone’s watching.”

    Photo by North by Northwestern

    Photo by North by Northwestern

    I received some high quality artistic commentary on this piece: “This is clearly random design, but I see some animals in here. There’s definitely some animals in here. Did you do this on purpose?”

    “I don’t know, you tell me,” I replied.

    “Yeah, this is definitely a deer. Oh! This one looks like a Charmander.” “Oh yeah these are a bunch of animals! I see the lion there.” “This is tight! I fuck with this.”

    As I listened to the comments on my work of art, I giggled. You see, I had a secret. I didn’t mean to draw any animals, but hey, if it makes me seem like a better artist, I’ll take it.

    I was hoping the weed would bring out my inner Picasso, but maybe it takes a little more than Mary Jane to become an artist. As we munched on Hot Cheetos after finishing our pictures, I didn’t care about my lack of artistic ability – I just wanted to continue celebrating the holiday.

    After I heard the words, “I’m so fucking high,” I figured our smoke session would soon be over. But of course, in the holiday spirit, that statement was followed by the words “I’m gonna pack this bowl.”

    Happy 4/20.


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