Cheap Valentine's date ideas

    Valentine’s Day inspo on the internet can be straight-up baffling sometimes. Who in their right mind is spelling out “I love you” in tea lights? The only thing you’re setting ablaze is your dorm room, and nothing is more romantic than a late-night evacuation drill. This year, I’m keeping it real with a list of five affordable and achievable Valentine’s Day date ideas that will surely impress anyone from your awkward Tinder situationship to the love of your life.

    Ice skate at Norris

    The rink behind Norris might not be Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium quality, but how many other colleges offer such affordable skate rentals? Take advantage of the chilly weather and impress your valentine with your flawless technique. Even if you’re not exactly Ice Princess™ material, it gives you a chance to hold hands for the sake of “balance.”

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    Boba bargain

    Too poor to to treat your boo to food, drink and dessert? Take them out for boba instead! The chewy tapioca pearls provide satisfying sustenance, the (lactose-free) milk tea quenches even the mightiest of thirsts and the high sugar content is sure to dramatically increase their heart rate that will already be racing after staring into your eyes! I favor Kung Fu Tea over Joy Yee because the seating and atmosphere is perfect for a low-key date night.

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    We all remember the first time we smashed. It might have been at a friend’s party or on your family couch. While most of us might have had a terrible first time, it only got easier and more enjoyable with practice. So why not indulge in some Super Smash Bros. with a special someone in Norris’ Game Room for free! And if fighting games aren’t your thing, you can also use their consoles to show off your skills in classics like Just Dance and Mario Kart.

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    Trespass and chill

    I’m not condoning any behavior, but all I’m saying is that your Netflix binge in an after-hours Tech or Kresge classroom equipped with a projector and speakers is far superior to huddling around a 13-inch laptop screen. Make of that what you will.

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    Alone at last

    Pesky roommate in the way of spending quality alone time with your significant other? Just plan ahead by stealing your roomie’s Wildcard, losing the temp card and accidentally letting your phone die for a couple hours. I’m sure they’ll understand.

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