Chet Haze gets tough in new freestyle

    Haven’t had enough Chet Haze in the past few weeks? Well then, you’re in luck.

    The rapper, it seems, has moved on from “White and Purple” to focus his efforts on publicizing his forthcoming mixtape, Get Hazed. While it doesn’t drop until Valentine’s Day — a great gift for your sweetheart, no? — Haze released a YouTube video of himself freestyling in the studio to a beat that, as he puts it, is “absolute fire.” And just to make sure you didn’t miss it, he tweeted about it eight times within four hours.

    “Chet Haze — 2010 Freestyle” is intriguing, to say the least. This is the first time we’ve seen Haze in action, rapping something original. But beyond that, the video is pretty jarring. Haze’s lyrics are initially violent but then just become downright crude. He also appears to be wearing the jersey of famously fiery NBA star Ron Artest. With this demeanor and rhymes like “You an old bitch, like your name is Phyllis,” and “My balls served more than Serena playing tennis,” one does wonder what Haze is doing with his reputation. All the world knows about Haze right now is that he has a famous father and goes to a prestigious private university. So perhaps now is not the best time to tell them that if you “step to me, get beat down like Rodney King — by four cops.”

    The production quality of the video is its most redeeming factor. I’ll hand it to him, while his lyrics are nowhere near PC, his videographer is very professional. The video is sure to get more attention than his first foray into hip-hop. And with the upcoming addition of Get Hazed to his résumé, I doubt we’ve seen the last of him. But say what you will about Haze, at least he’s entertaining — if not always for the right reasons.


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