Chubby cat sleeps in things, wears costumes

    Japanese television rocks. In America, a show where people watch a cat go to sleep in various containers would be cancelled in mere moments in favor of a Tila Tequila reality show. But in the land of the rising sun…anything goes, especially fat felines sitting in things! Oh Japan, I’m yours….

    Yeah, the basic premise at play here is a cat gets dressed up in a bunch of different costumes and then sits in something apparently related to whatever the cat’s dressed up as. I truly don’t get it, but seeing the pudgy kitty sitting in a boat dressed up as a guy from Most Extreme Elimination Challenge works for me. Word of warning though: I’ve never felt more assaulted by a voice than I did while listening to the narrarator pummel me with super-shrill kawaiiness. And if you know what that means…you need help.

    Uploaded by jpnvideos

    If you only choose one Japan blog to follow, choose Japan Probe, where I found this (and pretty much every weird video from Japan) from.


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