Chuck : "Chuck Versus the Fake Name"

    Here’s a few things you might need to know:

    In this episode, Chuck and Sarah are attempting to move on from each other and juggle both their work and personal lives. Chuck and Hannah’s relationship is getting hot and heavy, while Shaw continues to seduce Sarah at every possible moment. Meanwhile, Chuck is entrusted with his hardest mission yet—to adopt an alias of the most dangerous assassin known in order to receive information from The Ring (the bad guys). However, surprisingly, Chuck is a much better liar than anyone could have imagined, causing Sarah to lament over the old nerdy, clueless Chuck. Also, as Shaw and Sarah get closer, Chuck realizes he still has feelings for her and breaks up with Hannah.

    Let’s see what worked and what didn’t:


    • We finally learn Sarah’s real name!
    • Devon working out. Always a huge plus. It puts the awesome in Captain Awesome.
    • Chuck gets lucky! Apparently (according to Jeff) he is a chuck-magnet!
    • Half-naked significant others. There may in fact be a new McSteamy on the loose!
    • Chuck’s acting skills as an alias! Watching Chuck become a debonair, husky assassin provided some of the greatest comedy this season.
    • Shaw defending Sarah’s honor. Such a Superman move.
    • Chuck pulls out Casey’s tooth! How badass! I loved how Casey wasn’t even upset. He was like a proud father.
    • Casey has secrets! I love when they weasel in a little Casey plotline, and the teaser that he has some past offense makes me itch to see the next episode.
    • There was a really good balance between Chuck and Sarah moving on, and hope for Chuck and Sarah’s relationship in the future. In the past this balance has been skewed, but this episode provided hot makeout scenes with even hotter people while at the same time, giving us the longing Chuck and Sarah looks that fans so crave.


    • Sam? Really? That’s Sarah’s real name? Her actual name made the reveal the hugest anti-climax ever.
    • Sarah not defending herself or fighting or doing anything. Her role in the show is becoming mostly reserved to her personal life and not her professional life. Um hello? She’s an ass kicking ninja! Can we at least see her kick some ass?
    • Sarah and Shaw’s chemistry. Something isn’t right and I can’t put my finger on it. It’s like they are only together because they are clearly the most beautiful people on the planet. Have they ever talked about anything except Chuck? Just because you tell him your name doesn’t mean you’ve all of a sudden connected on some higher level.
    • Sarah and Shaw cooking for Chuck? What?
    • Apparently every time, Shaw says the word “Sam” it’s an instant turn on for Sarah, who proceeds to jump his bones every time. If it’s such an aphrodisiac for her, why did she keep it a secret for so long?
    • Last episode, Sarah was upset about Chuck moving on. Now, Chuck is upset about Sarah moving on. If we have to ride this never-ending circle of jealousy for too long, I may puke.


    Chuck interrogating the assassin who he is going to pretend to be: “Assassin is not something that is usually available on career day. How exactly did you get into this kind of work?”

    Chuck as he’s about to pull out Casey’s tooth while maintaining his alias: “Are these sterile? I take pride in my work. I want to kill him, not some secondary infection!”

    VERDICT: Mission Successful!! The plot moved forward immensely as Chuck continues to immerse himself in his spy persona. Also Chuck/Sarah/Hannah/Shaw love parallelogram actually worked in this episode! It gave Chuck and Sarah shippers hope for the future, while satisfying the fans cravings to see more of Shaw’s perfectly sculpted abs. The plot is clearly moving towards some sort of Chuck and Sarah confrontation that makes me countdown the seconds until next episode.


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