Chuck: "Chuck Versus the Living Dead"

    Here’s what you need to know…or maybe just forgot:

    Mr. Bartowski returns after being secretly contacted by Ellie, who found him on orders from the supposed CIA agent working for the Ring. Meanwhile, Chuck thinks that Shaw is alive after seeing him in one of his dreams. Chuck, Sarah and Casey go on a mission to recover any information they can from his hotel room. They find his “spy will” which contains a note to be found in the event of his death, and they finally admit that he is dead. With his father in town, Chuck is forced to tell him that he is still a member of CIA against his father’s expressed wishes. His father has also been affected by the intersect computer and has developed a gadget that will help him counteract the brain-related problems of the intersect. He decides to make one for Chuck when the Ring intercepts him. Chuck and Sarah save the day rescuing him, and Chuck’s dad promises him that he will make Chuck a special counteracting device for the Intersect 2.0. Meanwhile, the Ring agent takes Ellie hostage, even though she still thinks he is a CIA agent. In the final scene, we learn that Shaw is in fact alive and working for the Ring, and he has downloaded the intersect into his brain.

    Let’s see what worked and what didn’t:


    • Ellie has a plotline! She has a purpose! Yay!
    • The return of the prodigal father. It’s always interesting to learn more about where Chuck and Ellie came from.
    • Jeffster! I love any moment that Jeff and Lester foray into their band life. The fact that they have talent? Just a nice added bonus.
    • Chuck finding “The Complete Kama Sutra” in Shaw’s penthouse. Only a complete tool has that book on hand.
    • “I usually wake up at 6 and put a towel in the dryer so its warm after Ellie’s shower. Then I whip her up a Belgian waffle or a goat cheese omelette…whatever’s easy.” — Devon, the best husband ever!
    • Big Mike telling us that he was the original fourth member of Earth, Wind & Fire when they were originally called Earth, Wind, Fire & Rain. So funny!


    • Shaw ruined things when he was alive. Then he ruined things when he was dead. Can he ever stop being annoying?
    • Anna returns for one episode and then she’s gone? Lame and anticlimactic.
    • Ellie actually believes that John Casey has just been sitting there observing them for the past three years? Come on Ellie, use your brain. And she really thinks that these unknown creepy men are trying to protect her father. USE. YOUR. BRAIN.
    • Shaw’s resurrection is so unfortunate. And what is he now…presto bad guy? Did it really take him 0.2 seconds for him to go from Mr. Patriot to Mr. Sworn Enemy of the State?

    VERDICT: Mission Accomplished. This episode clearly set us up for the intrigue of the final two episodes, and it did the job well. It put Mr. Bartowski into the mix and mingled in some nice subplots that will help liven up the finish. Even though Shaw’s return put a damper on the episode, it really helped set up the plot of the next two episodes. With the news of NBC renewing Chuck in the fall, we can look forward to an intriguing and potentially cliff-hanger finale.


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