Chuck: "Chuck Versus the Tooth"

    Here’s a few things you need to know… or maybe just forgot:

    This episode revolves around the intersect and how Chuck is being affected by the massive computer in his brain. He has been having bad dreams where he receives cryptic intersect images. He has a dream that resembles an acid flashback and realizes that the president of Zambia is going to be assassinated at a symphony the next day. General Beckmann doesn’t believe him and sends him to a therapist to deal with his “mental” problems. After seeing his therapist, who tells him not to interfere at the symphony, Chuck and Morgan go to save the Zambian president. However, Chuck’s theory doesn’t pan out, and he gets a one way ticket to the loony bin. While in a mental hospital, he insists he is still correct and wants Sarah to prove he really isn’t crazy. No one believes his seemingly outrageous stories until the supposed assassin of the president comes to the hospital to kill Chuck. Chuck’s therapist tells him that although he was right this time, the intersect will eventually interfere with his brain activity. However, Chuck lies to Sarah and tells him that he is completely fine.

    Meanwhile, Anna returns to the BuyMore hoping to see Morgan, who is newly preoccupied with being a spy. His indifference makes her want him more, and she admits that she wants to get back together with him. Also, the ring agent comes to Ellie in Burbank telling her that he is in the CIA. He tells her he needs to contact her father in order to obtain some important technology information. We will find out in the final few episodes why Mr. Bartowski is so important and how he fits into the Ring’s plans.

    Let’s see what worked and what didn’t:


    • Chuck says there is never anything good on TV on Monday Nights. Get it? Because Chuck is on Mondays? I thought it was funny…
    • Chuck’s dream is super trippy and cool, and how cathartic was it to see Chuck shooting Shaw in the chest a few hundred times? It never gets old.
    • Chuck’s shrink is Christopher Lloyd! The fact that Chuck called him Doc the whole episode made my day.
    • Anna is back! Her slow motion entrance as “Right Round” by Flo Rida played had me rolling on the floor laughing.
    • Ellie has a major plot line again! She is such an overlooked character, so I love when they spend time on her.
    • Casey is such a softie! I love that he wants to help Chuck just as much as Sarah.


    • Christiopher Lloyd’s role as the therapist really has no meat. If they were going to put Doc Brown in a scene, shouldn’t he steal the whole scene?
    • The whole plot line of Devon and Ellie going to Africa culminates in about two seconds of footage. I feel like the Ring agent could have visited Ellie in Burbank, and the exact same overall plot would have occurred.
    • Chuck gets a expedited pass to the loony bin? Just because he makes a wrong judgment call? I don’t buy that.
    • Sarah couldn’t say “I love you” before the end of the episode, which made me a little upset. You can move in together, risk everything for each other and decide to spend your lives together, but you can’t say I love you?

      “Remember my code name is Charles Carmichael” — Chuck
      “Okay! My code name’s Cobra.” — Morgan

      VERDICT: Mission Accomplished. Although this episode is a little frazzled with its various story lines, the plot moves forward quite a bit as we now understand more about the intersect and what it will eventually do to Chuck. In addition, the plotline with Ellie and the Ring agent foreshadows some really interesting events that will help define the final three episodes.


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