Chuck: “Chuck Versus the Honeymooners”

    Here are a few things you need to know… or maybe just forgot:

    This episode should have been titled “Chuck Versus the Most Epic Romance Episode Ever.” It was a non-stop Chuck and Sarah love fest. If you only watch the show for the Chuck-Sarah relationship, I recommend watching this one twice in a row. Chuck and Sarah are on a train bound to pleasuretown as they attempt to hide themselves from the CIA. However, just when they decide to give spy life the quits, Chuck flashes on a terrorist, and they decide to execute one last mission together. When Casey and Morgan catch up with them on the road, they realize the person they thought is a terrorist is actually a defector turning himself in. However, when they try to complete the defector’s transfer, Casey and Morgan are taken hostage by his former employers, and must be rescued by Chuck and Sarah. The happy couple decide to remain spies together, showing that you actually can have your cake and eat it too.

    Let’s see what worked and what didn’t:


    • I loved the train setting for their getaway love fest. It just naturally made everything sexier.
    • Their mission on the train made them seem like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, but better.
    • Of course, Captain Awesome would pack huge dumbbells for the trip to Africa. At least we know his abs will be just as awesome when he gets back.
    • Morgan is no superspy. He is a super duper spy! Tracking Chuck’s eczema cream through the CIA database? Either the coolest thing ever or the creepiest thing he’s ever done. Either way it’s a Morgan WIN.
    • Casey + Morgan = so good they should have their own show.
    • Jeff and Lester’s performance at Ellie and Devon’s going-away party? Who knew they could sing?
    • The fight scene was not so much brawn as it was ballet. Do I care? Nope.
    • The ending was corny and cheesy and full of lovey-dovey nonsense, but I could care less. All the Chuck-Sarah shippers need this episode to recover from the hellfire roller coaster that has been their relationship this season.


    • Remember when we just missed the first time they had sex? Did you catch it? Neither did I.
    • Chuck may be a great boyfriend, but he is a TERRIBLE brother. How could he forget his sister was moving to Africa? Family FAIL.
    • The overall plot was pretty weak in this episode, and hopefully transitional after the Ring plotline that just ended.
    • It’s very unrealistic that Beckmann wouldn’t care about Chuck and Sarah being together, considering Sarah’s track record of keeping her relationships a complete and total secret. That being said, who really cares–they’re together now!


    “In the olden days ‘bat mitzvah’ meant ‘party hard’….because your daughter’s almost ripe for the plucking!” – Lester

    “In my head, the plane only remains aloft if I’m routing for it, and when I’m sleeping I’m not routing for it” – Morgan

    VERDICT: Mission successful! As much as I love the cool, intricate spy plotlines, I found myself throwing that love by the wayside and basking in the glow that is Chuck and Sarah’s love. This episode also set the stage for Morgan to be the coolest member of the team EVER. But obviously whenever things go well for Chuck and Sarah, trouble in paradise usually looms ahead, which has me cringing in anticipation of what bomb will soon drop on their newly-founded relationship.


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