Chuck: Season Finale

    Here’s a few things you need to know… or maybe just forgot:

    The two-hour finale of Chuck was one of the most jam-packed, epic, kick-ass episodes in the history of the show. Chuck, Sarah and Casey learn that Shaw is alive and that the CIA thinks that he is still working for the good guys. However, they know that Shaw is still working for the Ring. As Ellie is being held custody by the so-called CIA agents, she sees Chuck and discovers that he has been a CIA agent this whole time, too. Because Shaw has downloaded the intersect, he makes a very formidable opponent, and goes after Chuck specifically because he has the Governor, a cool watch that helps people with intersects deal with mental problems. Shaw brutally murders Chuck’s father and takes Chuck, Sarah and Casey into custody. Though Chuck gives up all hope, Captain Awesome and Morgan come to the rescue, busting them out.

    Chuck then vows to avenge the death of his father and he, Sarah and Casey infiltrate a government conference and reveal the Ring’s nefarious plans. The Ring is finally taken down, but Shaw is still on the loose. He comes into the Buy More the next day and rigs it with explosives, threatening to blow up everyone inside if he doesn’t get Chuck. Even though Chuck’s intersect is practically melting his brain, he succeeds in defeating Shaw, who is then taken into CIA custody. At the end of the episode, Chuck finds a post-mortem video from his father telling Chuck that he has actually been a rogue spy for the past 20 years. Chuck goes into his father’s house to find his headquarters and discovers a monumental secret: his father became a spy to find his mother, who has disappeared.

    Let’s see what worked and what didn’t:


    • The plotline with Casey and his daughter was surprisingly emotional and touching. It added a nice layer to his personality.
    • Ellie finding out that Chuck is a spy. Their family relationship has been so flawed this season, so it was nice to see them really act like brother and sister again.
    • Morgan being a complete bad ass! Chuck gets all this spy credit, but Morgan broke his own thumbs to release himself from custody after only about a month of training!
    • Jeffster’s music video! It was so epic having that as the background music while Chuck and Shaw fought to the death.
    • Morgan and Casey’s relationship is swiftly becoming my favorite in the series.
    • Chuck and Sarah not having any noticeable relationship problems — what a relief.
    • The cliffhanger was really amazing! Hopefully it will help maintain the show’s fan base. It was also really smart to have Chuck’s father’s death and his mother’s reveal in the same episode.


    • Shaw’s presence on the screen. I still don’t understand how someone who was a diehard CIA agent instantly becomes a brutal mass murderer. That doesn’t just happen in two seconds! Shouldn’t he be checked into some sort of mental hospital? I think so.
    • Mr. Bartowski’s death! Having him looming on the show’s sidelines gave a great element of mystery I’m really going to miss.
    • All of the larger government and CIA plotlines in this episode seemed far-fetched. If Shaw was working as a double agent inside the Ring, shouldn’t his whole CIA team know so they don’t shoot him like Chuck did? I realize Shaw is a member of the Ring, but the way in which the CIA went about their procedures was weird and unrealistic.

    VERDICT: Mission Successful! This episode was a really nice conclusion to all of the burgeoning plotlines of this season, most notably the Ring, Casey’s daughter and Shaw. The finale also featured all of the main characters really well, and there were several Buy More showdowns, which I always love. The cliffhanger ended the episode with a bang and left me begging on hands and knees for a next season.


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