Cilento, Vinson sworn in at ASG Senate

    Christina Cilento, a SESP junior, and Macs Vinson, a McCormick junior, were sworn in as ASG president and executive vice president Wednesday. There were also elections for the Selection and Rules Committees.

    SESP freshman Ben Powell and Weinberg freshman Justine Kim were elected to be on the Selection Committee. Weinberg freshman Tomer Cherki, Weinberg sophomore Daniella Lumpkin and McCormick junior Natalie Ward were elected to be on the Rules Committee.

    “I feel like a huge part of what ASG does is in the committee and the VP's have a fair bit of discretion on what to focus on and how their committees are run,” Powell said. “I am excited to get started. A lot of it is going to be bringing in people that have a real vision for their committee that’s going to create positive change for ASG and the Northwestern community.”

    Outgoing ASG president and Weinberg senior Noah Star gave his last speech to the Senate, explaining that he wanted to give greater insight into his own personal code.

    “I want to thank and apologize to all the people who stuck with me the whole way,” he said in his speech.

    The open forum discussing the Eikenberry resolution is planned for next week, most likely before ASG Senate.

    Senate ended with an introduction of B-status funding, which gives supplemental funding to certain student groups. It will be voted on next week.


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