Coachella from home

    To the procrastinators, the chemical engineering / chemistry double majors and those of you who just missed the boat: I have some bad news if you love music, drunken moshing and/or drugs. Unless you want to get a safari tent or buy them for exorbitant prices on Craigslist, you’re too late to get passes to Coachella, the highly acclaimed two-weekend music festival in Indio, Calif. Now, there are a lot of music festivals around, like the nearby Lollapalooza, and Coachella is so damn far away and inconvenient. So why bother? The answer can be found here. That’s right – this year’s lineup is absolutely superb, a veritable cornucopia of musical genres for any taste. From AVICII to Snoop Dogg to Feist, there’s truly something for everyone at this year’s Coachella festival.

    However, as fellow music lovers we have predicted your imminent fomo and found a way to combat it. Your friendly entertainment coaches at North By Northwestern have created a (fairly) comprehensive Coachella substitute for your listening and viewing pleasure. Be warned, though: just like the seitan stir fry at Willard, this guide won’t come close to the real thing. We hope you enjoy it all the same.

    Finally – if you want to induce self-flagellation for your failure to purchase Coachella tickets, here are the social networking tools to make it happen. We know that you’ll want to watch videos and track tweets while you weep openly in the Evanston snow. We won’t even judge if you Facebook stalk the festival – it’s better than trying to find that guy at Kafein you’ve been creeping on.

    Oh – and here’s the Main Site and even the Wikipedia Page.

    Happy Vicarious Living,


    Production by Tyler Fisher


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