Colbert Nation spreads to Facebook

    Photo courtesy of Fantt from Flickr under Creative CommonsMaybe I’m just being cynical, but Election 2008 is shaping up to be a really, really lame race. Hillary’s the frontrunner, some guy named Mitt is in consideration and Ron Paul-mania seems… lame. So, with the political landscape looking so grim, who do most Facebookers support? Why, that would be NU alum and TV show host-turned-presidential candidate! The Facebook group “One Million Strong for Stephen Colbert” is growing super fast, and has already surpassed the Barack Obama group of a similar nature. So…either the kids genuinely want Colbert as Commander-in-Chief, or a lot of people love irony (most likely the latter). Then again, Barack never got in an argument with The Decemberists, and indie rock is a lot cooler than whatever Obama’s done.


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