Community: "Social Psychology"

    In this episode:

    This week, most of the group is seen outside the classroom. Jeff is afraid he and Shirley’s long walk to the other side of campus will be filled with terribly awkward silences. But he is surprised to find himself bonding with his maliciously nosy study buddy (not that the group ever does any work) by gossiping about Britta’s new boyfriend. Jeff’s obviously insanely jealous of the hippie Vaughn, but wanting to act as the friend his crush wishes he was, the slacker acts supportive in front of Britta. The truth about Jeff’s rumor mongering soon is revealed and Britta feels betrayed.

    Meanwhile, John Oliver of The Daily Show reappears as the wacky Professor Duncan, conducting a study on waiting. He recruits Annie to help with his research, who brings Abed and Troy as study subjects. Troy cracks early, but 26 hours later, Abed is still sitting peacefully in the empty classroom, waiting for the experiment to begin. The real breakdown comes from the professor.

    Chevy Chase’s Pierce does what he does best: says weird things at awkward times. His one-liners are, as per usual, scattered throughout the episode, which ends with Britta and Jeff back at Square One: “friends who sometimes cat sit.”

    What we liked:

    Ken Jeong back as the creepy, in-your-face Señor Chang: “What, a community college Spanish professor can’t use 80 bucks?”

    Abed’s perfectly timed TV pop culture reference (it’s become somewhat expected for one to be thrown in each episode): “We’re like Chandler and Phoebe. Friends, but we share not plots.”
    Vaughn’s tiny nipples, and his three hello’s: “Hey, what’s up, how’s it going?”

    What we didn’t like:

    Community’s funny, and it’s got potential, but tonight’s episode was nothing compared to the one-hour epic Office wedding. It remains to be seen whether Joel McHale’s Jeff can cultivate this cast of characters into a united group with chemistry reminiscent of the Michael Scott workplace. We certainly hope he can.


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