Cool stuff at CES 2008

    It’s time for Las Vegas’ Consumer Electronics Show again. Here are some highlights so far.

    Mommy, where do servers come from?

    Microsoft’s new children’s book makes home servers sound like the adopted bastard child your parents never told you about. Complete with colorful illustrations and simple words, the book will brainwash any kid into asking for a Windows Home Server for next holiday season.

    Read the rest of it here.

    Panasonic’s 150-inch Plasma

    Holy crap. This is the grandaddy of all the new HD sets. Last year, Panasonic introduced the world to its 103-inch model, but sources say that the extra 47 inches is, well, 47 times more immersive. Total resolution comes in at a whopping 4096×2160. I don’t even think this thing could fit on my wall.

    Pioneer’s 9mm Thin Plasma

    This baby takes size in a new direction, Nicole Richie style. While it does measure out to 18mm in thickness around the center, the TV still looks unreal. Unfortunately, the set is still a concept. It won’t be reaching your local Best Buy anytime soon.

    Optimus Maximus Keyboard

    Keyboards haven’t been cool for a while now. The Optimus Maximus might change that. Designer Art Lebedev has created a keyboard in which each key is a tiny display. This means the keyboard can adapt to the program you’re working in. However, the $460 and up price range makes me shutter.

    Check out the video here.

    Alienware’s Curved DLP Display

    While I don’t game a whole bunch, I can see how awesome this would be. According to sources, you can see a few seams in the display. Alienware’s reps say this would be gone by the time it hits the market. No price set.

    Ion Audio’s Alternate Rock Band Drum Set

    Rock Band is one of the best games ever. Who doesn’t like pretending to be a rock star? This new drum set definitely seals the deal. It actually looks like a badass drum set! Ion is apparently waiting to judge consumer interest before it goes into stores. Hey Ion! Send one my way. I’ll test it for ya!

    You can track more CES news at Gizmodo.


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