Cover to Cover: Legend by Marie Lu

    Legend by Marie Lu is one of those novels that you don’t initially think is going to suck you in. Then, before you know it, you’re hitting the buy button for the sequel on your Kindle.

    Yes, this is another dystopian young adult trilogy, but trust me — it’s worth it. Plus, all of the books in the series are already out, so you don’t have to wait in suspense for the next installment.

    A bit of backstory: after floods split the United States, the country is separated into the Colonies to the east and the Republic to the west, and have been at constant war ever since.

    Author Marie Lu tells her story from the point of view of two incredibly different, strong characters in the Republic: an infamous enemy of the government named Day and the confident, brilliant 15-year-old June Iparis, who was the only known person to receive a perfect score on her trial. Every citizen of the Republic takes this exam, which determines your profression, at the age of 10.

    Day, who escaped to the slums after failing his trial, has every reason to hate the Republic. June is the government's golden girl, their prodigy, and has been showered in riches and comfort since the day she turned 10. Always loved and never questioned, she has no reason to distrust the Republic. At least, not until Day is thrown into her life. When June’s brother Metias is murdered and Day is charged with the crime, June receives her first target as a soldier: Day. She is determined to bring him down by any means necessary.

    Legend is a book about what is right and what is real, about faith and trust and the importance of intelligence and cunning. Lu’s characters have such compelling backgrounds that there’s not one clear person to root for. They are written true-to-life: not just black and white, but full of grey areas. Although similar to books such as The Hunger Games and Divergent, Legend brings a whole new dynamic to the dystopian genre through a character who wholeheartedly believes in her militaristic society. With a kickass female lead and the uncertain, headstrong Day, as well as excellent action scenes that make you want to jump into the Republic itself, Legend is definitely a quick read that leaves you wanting more. Legend is a world of its own, filled with dazzling new technology and a heart-wrenching story that will make you want to never put it down.

    Pages: 336

    Most like: The Divergent series, the Hunger Games series, the Maze Runner series.

    Reading time: A day, for me.


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