Cover Your Bases: A Northwestern Sports Glossary

    Northwestern sports have a devoted following of fans who trudge all over campus through hell and high water to cheer on the ‘Cats.

    And then there’s the other 75 percent of the student body.

    If you didn’t come to Northwestern for the Big Ten athletics, here’s a guide to NU sports in terms you might understand.

    A BOWL GAME (n. /ā bōl -gām/)

    Something Northwestern football wins every 64 years.

    NORTHWESTERN WOMEN’S LACROSSE (n. /nôrTHˈwestərn ˈwimins ləˈkrôs/)

    What NU students use to prove they’re good at sports. Also, one of the most dominant teams in the sport’s recent history.

    CHRIS COLLINS (n. /kris ˈkä-lənz)

    The Barack Obama of Northwestern basketball coaches – a young guy with local ties who came into the biggest job of his life with lots of energy and high expectations.

    COLLEGE GAMEDAY (n. /kälij - gāmdā/)

    When Northwestern was good at football in 2013, ESPN gave us fall Dillo Day.

    NEBRASKA (n. /nə-ˈbras-kə)

    The school with a football team that plays exclusively to crush Northwestern’s dreams.

    MICHIGAN (n. /ˈmi-shi-gən)

    The school with football and basketball teams that play exclusively to crush Northwestern’s dreams.


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