The Keg's craziest outfits
    The Keg of Evanston, a safe haven for ridiculous behavior unacceptable just about anywhere else, is closed. As we mourn the loss of an irreplaceable legend, we remember the legacy it left behind. No one got judged at the Keg, and everyone came away with at least one story to tell by the end of the night. From the IDGAF-ers dressed in pajamas to the drunk Uncle Sams to the downright slutty, getting to know your fellow Keggers is really what it was all about.

    We’ll start with the outrageous: The people (read: people of the male sex) dressed in straight-up costumes. Linda Flores, a Weinberg sophomore, has fond memories of the Keg on nights when frats had themed parties. 

    “I specifically remember seeing someone dressed up in a full-on horse costume,” she said. And in true Keg character, Flores didn’t think twice about letting the horseman twirl her around the dance floor. 

    In a similar instance, but instead involving friendly neighborhood middle-aged Keg creepers, Medill junior Sarah Daoud, then a freshman, remembers two Uncle Sams who came to celebrate their newly granted American citizenship. 

    “I don’t know how drunk they were, but their hats were filled with popcorn," Daoud said. "They were feeding my friends and me from them." No shame, no shame.

    Of course, there was always the fairly standard but just as eye-opening outfits that some of us girlies wore. Perfect Keg pole dancing attire, the Little Black Dress and its many variations were heavily represented, without regard to the limited range of movement that, in any other situation, these body-hugging outfits heeded. 

    However, it was the aforementioned IDGAF-ers that have truly proven the Keg was a place where Northwestern students went for a release. Not solely in search of a drunk hook-up or a naïve freshman upon which to prey, but simply for a good time. After a football game, Dance Marathon or a wild Halloween weekend, the Keg was the perfect place to keep the party going.

    Weinberg juniors Meagan Read and Sara Jewell recall the time they celebrated a Wildcat win after a night football game. “We decided to go straight to the Keg from the game wearing our amazing jean shorts, tennis shoes, NU T-shirts and even some purple face paint,” Read said. Jewell added that their obvious school spirit got them some attention from an eager Kellogg student. 

    For School of Communication sophomore Lindsey Barranco and Weinberg sophomore Diana Tseng, the anti-cocktail attire got mixed reviews from the opposite sex. This past Saturday, the last Keg Saturday ever, the girls partied in their pajamas.

    “We did find that the number of guys offering to buy us drinks had significantly decreased, but it was a price we were willing to pay," Barranco said. "We found two guys on the dance floor also in their pajamas, and we raged with them to ‘Born This Way.’” Confidently, comfortably and all thanks to the Keg, Barranco and Tseng were happy they got to check that one off their bucket lists.

    In the end, life is all about the stories we have to tell. The more alcohol, stale popcorn and questionable outfits involved, the better the story, guaranteed. But you know how the saying goes: Pictures, or it never happened.


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