Cute animals to soothe winter and rush

    The next few days should be trying times for a large chunk of the Northwestern population, and that’s not even factoring in the fact that most classes will soon shift from “here’s to the syllabus” to “essay due in a week” mode. Temperatures will be dropping even lower (yes, that’s possible) in the upcoming week, with the “high” dipping dangerously low toward single digits. This news might make you resigned to curling up in bed Tuesday morning, terrified about the prospect of walking to class in a wind chill more appropriate for the Iditarod. But don’t be scared, be as excited as these cats who experienced cold for the first time ever.

    Others face the menace of rush, better known as “let’s get judged by strangers time.” Though the thought of future formals and friendships must soothe the pain, I imagine the actual rush process, being scrutinized by others, is no fun whatsoever. (Read this article to get an idea of how tough the process can be.) Whatever happens, do not let the forced judgments of others affect you – brush them off and forget them. Just look at this dog. Others laugh at him and make fun of him for snoring loudly, but do you think he cares? He does what he enjoys, period.

    Finally, I just really like this video of a cat being a rat’s friend. You can draw your own metaphor from it.


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