Dance lessons from politicians

    The arrival of Dance Marathon this weekend brings the Northwestern community another 30 hours of merriment and hard work. Whether you’re a first-time participant with little experience on the dance floor, or a veritable hoofer looking for a few new moves to spice up your repertoire, look no further than the political elite for some much-needed expertise.

    For a basic move to get you started, stay close to home and see what Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has to offer. He may be a trained ballet dancer, but he’s more than content to fit in with the crowd. Notice the simplicity yet functionality of the basic pelvic thrust and head nod. To add an extra level of suave, he slides his tie off in time with the music.

    I think it’s safe to say that some Beyoncé will played at DM this weekend, so who better to get you prepared than our very own President Barack Obama! It’s a very easy move to pull off with tired feet, as you simply sway from side to side. Very important though: keep the hands above the elbow, as it adds to the overall effect. If it impressed Ellen, it certainly will work for you.

    If you want to add a little culture to your dancing, George W. Bush is your man. He proves that merely swift feet do not a good dancer make. In this dance in the Rose Garden, President Bush exemplifies how key facial expressions and coordinated arm motions are in crafting a synergistic dance experience. Try your best to ignore Laura Bush’s looks of apathy.

    There’s absolutely no shame in saving your best stuff for the songs with pre-prescribed dance routines. Be it the Electric Slide, the Casper Slide, the Cupid Shuffle, or anything of the like, this is a perfect opportunity to show that all those hours “wasted” in junior high learning all the moves were not in vain. To help you gain the confidence to prove your knowledge, here’s Mitt Romney strutting his stuff and performing the infamous “Gangnam Style” dance.

    If the whole American politician thing isn’t your cup of tea, fear not! Some of the best dancers of the governmental variety come from overseas. There’s a lot to learn from ex-Russian president Boris Yeltsin and his vast array of useful dance moves. Although alcohol may have been a major factor in his prowess, (and nobody drinks in college, right?) his overall joyful attitude, impressive hip movement, and liberal use of arm circles make him an excellent figure to emulate when the uptempo music starts to play.


    Although his 2008 presidential campaign turned out to be a hoax, the celebrity dance moves we should all be aspiring towards is none other than those of the illustrious Christopher Walken. Like Rahm Emanuel, he is a trained dancer, so most of these moves should not be tried at home. But with some modifications, these should put you over the top and help you gain the endless admiration of your DM team.


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